Suit People
  • People who are professional in cultural activities or athletics

  • People who have at least 2 years of experience in cultural or athletics

  • People who have participated in competitions, awarded, or a entrepreneur

Service Fee

Start from $60,000 CAD


  • It takes around 22 months from apply to approval

  • Applicant should arrive in Canada within 1 year of medical exam

  • Applicant should meet the living requirement of 2 years in 5 years after getting PR card

What is Self-Employed Persons Program?

Self-Employed Persons Program is only open for people who have relevant experience in cultural or athletics. The Self-employed Persons Program allows people to immigrate to Canada permanently as a self-employed person.

If you’re interested in this program, you must:

  • have relevant experience in cultural activities or athletics and

  • be willing and able to make a significant contribution to the cultural or athletic life of Canada

The advantages of Self-employed Persons program

  • Fast processing time, reasonable price, and adequate quotas
  • Less repetitiveness of experiences and thus low competitiveness
  • No need to invest, rely on specific employer, or entrepreneurship
  • High successful rate

Relevant experience definition

Relevant experience for a self-employed person means at least two years of experience.

It must be during the period starting 5 years before the day the candidate applies and ending on the day IRCC will make a decision on your application.

You can get more points if you have 3, 4, or 5 years of experience.

At a minimum, your experience must be:

for cultural activities:

  • 2 one-year periods being self-employed in cultural activities, or

  • 2 one-year periods participating at a world-class level in cultural activities, or

  • a combination of a one-year period described in (a), and a one-year period described in (b)

for athletics:

  • 2 one-year periods being self-employed in athletics, or

  • 2 one-year periods participating at a world class level in athletics, or

  • a combination of a one-year period described in (a) above, and a one-year period described in (b) above

Candidate’s requirements

  1. At least 2 years of self-employed experience in 5 years (Interview will be needed)
  2. Meet the definition of a self-employed person and can contribute significantly to Canada
  3. Get a minimum of 35 points after we grade you based on our five selection criteria and point system
  4. Meet the requirements of medical exam, criminal record, etc.

Selection Criteria

IRCC assess the candidate on selection criteria that include his or her:

  1. experience
  2. education
  3. age
  4. language abilities
  5. adaptability
  6. More information about the selection criteria

How it works

  1. 1
    Jintai Canada Consulting Ltd will do a comprehensive assessment of the candidate and prepare related documents
  2. 2
    Jintai Canada Consulting will submit all the applicant documents to IRCC and receive the file number
  3. 3
    Candidate will receive an invitation of interview. After the interview, the candidate will need to do medical exam and criminal record
  4. 4
    Receive the Picking-up letter
  5. 5
    Get you PR card and welcome to Canada! 加拿大联邦自雇移民 加拿大投资移民

The whole process only takes 22 months so far, suitable for applicants who want to immigrate to Canada in short term.

Eligible occupation lists

Professional Occupations in Art and Culture Technical and Skilled Occupations in Art, Culture, Recreation and Sport
5111 Librarian 5221 Photographers
5112 Conservators and Curators 5241 Graphic Designers and Illustrators
5121 Authors and Writers 5243 Theatre, Fashion, Exhibit and Other Creative Designers
5125 Translators, Terminologists, and Interpreters 5251 Athletes

This is not a completed occupation list, please contact us for further information.

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