Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC) is a hub that connects high school students to universities. It processes the undergraduate and professional applications for admissions to Ontario’s universities. High schools in Ontario submit students’ reports to OUAC and students will choose their desired universities and professionals through the channel. OUAC is then responsible to send students’ grades and university preferences to respective universities.

Process of OUAC

  1. High schools will issue the personal OUAC log in ID and password to each student around December.
  2. High schools will upload the students’ reports to OUAC and students can check their grades on OUAC after logged in.
  3. Students choose their desired universities and professionals through OUAC. Students can choose three different faculties in one university generally. *For students who plan to attend to the University of Toronto, need to be aware of its three different campuses. If you wish to try out all three campuses in U of T, you can only choose 1 professional for each campus (3 professionals:3 campuses or 3 professionals:1 campus).
  4. After receiving the applications from students, universities will email a university account activation letter to students.
  5. Students log in to the university website and activate their own accounts.

Undergraduate application process

  1. Get to know the Canadian Institutions (faculties, rankings, professors, etc)
  2. Seek a deeper understanding of your desired university
  3. Beginning of application
  4. Log in to your student account, track your offer status
  5. Keep checking if there’s any documents required from the university
  6. Wait for the offers
  7. Confirm the offers
  8. Prepare your study permit and visa

3 types of Undergraduate Admission Offers and Requirements

In Canada, high school students do not need to take any national college entrance examination similar to China. It all depends on students’ Grade 12 scores. It also applies to international students. Each university would have different requirements based on the applicant’s professional directions. In general, at least 6 courses scores from Grade 12 need to be submitted when applying to universities, and Grade 12 English is the most necessary. There are 3 types of university admissions:

Conditional Admission

Dual Admission means the academic average scores of the student have met the admission standards of the university, yet the language scores have not reached the standard. In this case, students can study ESL (English as a Second Language) courses in the university first and get into undergraduate courses after the ESL exams. Study ESL in advance can help students to adapt to the learning environment in Canada, also save their time and extra fees in taking language tests in China.

Suitable for :
Academic average scores have reached to admission standards, IETLS 5.0-5.5

Unconditional offer

An unconditional offer means students have satisfied all the admission requirements from the university, including the language scores. Students can then enroll in undergraduate regular courses directly without study ESL or foundation.

Suitable for :
Academic average scores have reached to admission standards, IETLS 6.5 or above (no below than 6 in each section)


Foundation program means the academic scores of the student do not meet the admission requirements of the university. Students can apply for colleges, either private or public, to enroll in foundation courses there. Students can still apply to universities after finishing the foundation courses. Foundation courses are actually high school courses, which can make up the shortages of students’ conditions.

Suitable for :
Neither academic average scores nor IETLS reached to admission standards.


Service in Canada


Service in China

Chinese Customer Service:+86 13120161578 (Beijing)

Overseas Customer Service 1: +1 416-878-6758 (Canada)

Overseas Customer Service 2:+1 905-604-8847 (Canada)