Canadian High Schools Categories

1. Public High School

If the student’s English skills do not meet with the requirements of the school, we would recommend the student to take some language courses first, and then enter the professional course after passing the English level test. Chinese students usually have a better foundation in mathematics, physics, and chemistry, which are able to transfer these credits and enter directly to the grade in Canada corresponding to their grade in China. On the other hand, students can also take the Math and English tests after arriving at school, and then determine the grade based on the results.

2. Private High School

The private high school has a very high undergraduate enrollment rate. It offers many AP and IB courses, as well as plenty of extracurricular activities. However, it pays great attention to students' academic backgrounds, especially their English level. When applying to private high schools, students need to submit their applications and prepare SSAT and IELTS exams at the same time, as well as various standardized tests and interviews.

3. Private International High School

These schools mainly teach high school courses and issue high school diplomas. University preparatory courses will be provided as well. After passing the preparatory courses, you can then enter the universities that cooperated with these private international high schools. Such private schools are more professional and comprehensive in caring for international students than public schools.

Canadian High School Application Documents

Report Card

Students need to provide a transcript of the last two years, with listing all the subjects that have studied, including politics, sports, etc. Both Chinese and English transcript needs to be stamped by the school. You can fill in your three favorite schools when you apply. But if there are no places in these schools, the District School Board will designate another school for you.

Study Permit and Visa

The school district will issue a formal offer letter after reviewing the application. Students will need to apply for the study permit and visa at Canada Consulate using the offer letter. After arriving to Canada, students need to participate in a placement test required by the school district in order to test the student’s English proficiency. If the student does not meet the requirements, the school will provide ESL courses to help students further improve their English skill.

Custodianship Declaration

The guardian must be a Canadian citizen and live near the school. Parents of students must provide a notarized guardian power of attorney. The guardian must also bear the relevant legal liabilities by notarization. It is best to be a local-born, English-born family to create a good English environment.

Canada High School Language Requirements

  • Chinese students applying for Canadian high school do not need to provide language scores generally.
  • Students can enter Canadian high school directly with IETLS or TOEFL scores.
  • If the student has neither IETLS nor TOEFL, schools will arrange ESL programs for students depends on their English levels. Students can enroll in Canadian high school courses after passing the language test.
  • Beside language requirements, students need to provide an official transcript of the past two years with an average of 80.

Advice: We recommend the student to take English tutoring classes in China first to strengthen the language skills before coming to Canada, as it could improve the adaptability of western cultures.

Application for Grade 10

1. Original Chinese and English transcripts from Grade 8 to 9 in China.
2. Original Chinese and English certificate of enrollment in the domestic school.
Tuition: Most students would choose public schools for Grade 10 since public schools are monitored by the government, therefore the quality of education and teachers are well-certified. Tuition is around CAD$13000-15000 (variations in different provinces).


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