College Application

  1. Prepare application documents
    Official Chinese and English transcripts; Current students need to provide the proof of enrollment; Graduated students need to provide the proof of graduation; Language transcript (IELTS 6-6.5, different schools have different requirements)
  2. Submit Application
    Submit your application online; Pay the application fee and wait for the result. Advice: We recommend students submit their applications 6 months before to leave enough time to apply for your visa and study permit.
  3. Admission Offer
    After receiving the admission notice, pay the tuition fee or degree deposit following the requirements of the school to ensure that the admission is valid.
  4. Enrollment
    The college courses are mainly practical, and the practicality is greater than the theoretical ones. Therefore, our students are required to work hard to improve their English level during the period of study, participate in practice, accumulate internship work experience, and lay the foundation for future employment.


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