EE is one of the most popular immigration programs for international students. According to the data of the Canada immigration office, there were almost 300,000 international students applied for EE in 2017, and nearly 40,000 students were Chinese. Since Canada has excellent immigration policies, a good quality of education system, a low tuition fee, and a better living environment, the number of applicants is forecast to increase in 2019.

Express Entry (EE) Advantages

1. Applicants can get three years of work permit at max after graduation from Canadian Institutions. After living in Canada for 18 months, the children can get Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB)
2. Spouses and the whole family can get the work permit as well. Children are eligible to have free education after submitting the PR application
3. Fewer requirements for work experience
4. Prices are low; the cost for study and immigrants in Toronto and Manitoba is less than CAD 350,000. The study and immigrants in Alberta are less than CAD 300,000.
5. High successful rates, high stability

Express Entry (EE) Eligibility

1. No work experience required
2. IETLS G Class band 4: Listening 4.5; Speaking 4; Reading 3.5; Writing 4
3. Assets: at least 200,000 RMB savings, no investment, no property will be audited
4. High School or above
5. Age: No more than 38 years old. (Suitable for: Families, Fresh Grad with inadequate work experience, middle-age people with fewer advantages)

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